Ep 0059: Camping Activities

The Habit Comedy Podcast
The Habit Comedy Podcast
Ep 0059: Camping Activities

Swimming? Hiking? Drinking? What IS the best thing to do while camping? First of all… great question. Get cozy in your hammock and listen to The Habit draft THE BEST CAMPING ACTIVITIES.

Featuring Ryan Dobosh, David Swidler, Jeff Schell, and special guest star, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. If you say so.

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2 Replies to “Ep 0059: Camping Activities”

  1. It has come to my attention that my comments were not properly archived. Why are my comments missing from the historical record? First of all, great question… I painstakingly took the time to comment on each and every episode, then made a second round of comments when I was left with nothing but reruns while the guys took a break to – what … go camping? I don’t know (but, great question). Some might say that Jeff has been deleting them. “Ha” I say (not as in merriment or mirth but in haughty derision). First of all, we’re family. But more importantly, Jeff is a man of comedy. He savors the funny things in life. He would never delete my pithy remarks! (Psst – Jeff? Did you erase all that stuff? “First of all, Uncle Rob, great question…”)

  2. First of all, great question. I didn’t delete anything. Although I did hide some of our rerun episodes.

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