Ep 0040: Kitchen Appliances

The Habit Comedy Podcast
The Habit Comedy Podcast
Ep 0040: Kitchen Appliances

What is the best appliance in your kitchen? Is it the one you use the most? Is it the one that saves you the most time? Is it the one that gets rid of food you don’t want? (Hint: It’s not.) The boys of The Habit draft their favorite kitchen appliances.

Featuring David Swidler, Ryan Dobosh, and Jeff Schell. Special guest appearances by the honorable Judge Reinhold.

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One Reply to “Ep 0040: Kitchen Appliances”

  1. Great to have you back, guys!
    “We’re wearing gray?” -Jeff. Priceless.
    Jeff: “Refrigerator”… David: “I didn’t realize I could take Dishwasher”. (?)
    Ryan, the arrow points to the slot that has the heat-controlled popper-upper (technical term). Using the other side by itself will lead to burnt toast.
    A Food processor is NOT a blender! It slices and grates, Try getting cucumber slices from your blender.
    “Where’s your sink plunger?” – Ryan. Beauty.

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