Ep 0048: Punctuation

The Habit Comedy Podcast
The Habit Comedy Podcast
Ep 0048: Punctuation

You’ve never heard of an iterrobang?! Then what do *YOU* think is the best punctuation? And what makes the comma so versatile? You bet we find out in this (all new) episode! [Inserts airpods.] Including, but not limited to: try hard curly brackets; arrogant semi-colons; Tulane commas*; etc…


Featuring Ryan/Dobosh, David_Swidler, Jeff @ Schell, and special guest star Jonathan “Taylor” Thomas.

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* Not a real thing.

One Reply to “Ep 0048: Punctuation”

  1. TIL … what an octothorpe is (was). Great stuff as always*.

    I laughed out loud (don’t even THINK about using LOL anywhere other than in text messages – how lazy can you be?) when Jeff said “”You mean, how many times *out of a hundred*?” (how I wish this UI {that’s User Interface for the un-initiated} allowed bold and italics as well as underlines!). And, yes, I do use parentheses as asides and I’m not above using curly braces (who says “curly BRACKETS”, really?) for secondary parenthetical phrases. Don’t even ask about quaternary phrases if you don’t know that square brackets are for tertiary phrases (and actions).

    *Not EVERY episode has been “great”, but the percentile is in the high nineties.

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