Ep 0004: Breakfast Food Fantasy Draft

Breakfast Fantasy Draft

Ep 0004: Breakfast Food Fantasy Draft
The Habit Comedy Podcast

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Lucas Thayer, John Osebold, Ryan Dobosh, and Jeff Schell debate the best breakfast foods, and entangleĀ themselves in the age old “pancakes vs waffles” debate, while collectively try to understand chicken-fried steak. Jeff unleashes his daddy issues. Ryan is offended by cottage cheese. Luke treats us to an amazing dog impression. Special guest appearance by Billy Dee Williams.

2 Replies to “Ep 0004: Breakfast Food Fantasy Draft”

  1. Just listening to EP0001. Starting at the start. Definitely going to be tracking this series (even if the “Barrel of Monkeys” joke was pretty sad). How about a BUSLOAD of Greyhounds?

  2. I don’t know why my other comment was posted here but related to 0001. No doubt a ‘Senior moment’. Jeff’s Dad was, and is, The Best! No spoiler here, but it’s clear to me that John does not know how to spell the word ‘versus’. This was a great episode. Luke’s impression of a dog was a hoot.

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