Ep 0054: Fairy Tales

The Habit Comedy Podcast
The Habit Comedy Podcast
Ep 0054: Fairy Tales

Why is every Fairy Tale about eating children? What is Goldilocks’ problem anyway? And who can’t forget the timeless Fairy Tale of Armageddon, starring Bruce Willis. The Habit leaves a trail of bread crumbs straight to these answers and much more, as they draft BEST FAIRY TALES.

Featuring Ryan Dobosh, David Swidler, Jeff Schell, and special guest star Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

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  1. Dave WINS! (on a technicality) – It disturbs me (Does it?) that I find myself siding with Ryan over my own flesh & blood, but Jeff’s third pick was a truly imaginary tale within a book written in 1973. Hardly worthy of the label ‘Fairy Tale’. Ryan then threw away his third choice as a protest against Jeff’s pick, leaving Dave with three valid picks to their two apiece. Dave likewise prevailed in the validity of his second pick over the suggested correction being made by – you guessed it … Jeff.

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